Preparing to Celebrate the Funeral Mass

Funeral Liturgy Planning

We plan just about everything in our lives. Some of us have already made funeral arrangements with a local funeral home or mentioned our wishes to our loved ones. Immaculate has a process to help with the planning of the funeral Liturgy. By selecting music, readings, and naming those you would like to participate in some way at your funeral Liturgy, the remaining family members can enter into grieving and prayer without the worry of taking care of details.

The completed planner is kept in the in the parish office. At the time of your passing (or that of a family member), the parish priest and music director/liturgist will have a plan for the Liturgy. Pre-planning also provides adequate time to prepare Liturgies that are truly prayerful and complete with the richness of what the Church’s funeral Liturgy offers us.

Funeral Liturgy Planning materials are available in the parish office. Workshops are scheduled periodically. Call the parish office for additional information. (270) 683-0689. Or schedule a private meeting with Matt Gray.

Pre-Planner Document

Music List

Readings List